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Standard Operating Procedures

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Administrative & General

Environmental Compliance Program

Environmental Inspection Form

Environmental Performance Reports

Waste Minimization


Food & Beverage – Composting

Food & Beverage – Disposable Food Service Items

Food & Beverage – Food Waste Reduction Program

Housekeeping – Amenity Program

Offices – Paper Waste Reduction 

Energy Efficiency & Management

Energy Consuming Devices

Indoor Lighting

Energy Efficient Windows

Engineering – Preventive Maintenance Program

Sensors & Timers

Water Conservation & Management

Housekeeping – Towel/Linen Reuse Program

Water Conservation – Plumbing Fixtures

Water Conservation – Landscaping & Grounds-keeping

Water Conservation – Use of Washing/Cleaning Machines 

Pollution Prevention

Engineering – Paints

Food & Beverage – Dishwashing Detergent

Hazardous Substances – Inventory

Hazardous Substances – Chemical Handling

Hazardous Substances – Minimal Chlorine Use

Hazardous Substances – Storage Containers and Spill Measures

Housekeeping & Laundry – Green Chemicals

Integrated Pest Management

Environmental Purchasing

Environmental Purchasing Policy

Purchasing – Bulk Purchasing

Purchasing – Durable Goods

Purchasing – Preferred Suppliers

Purchasing – Recycled Paper: Printing

Purchasing – Recycled Paper: Sanitary

Purchasing – Low VOC products


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