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Julie A. Baylor, CHA, LEED Green Associate

Julie BaylorFor more than two decades, Julie has worked in various roles within the hospitality industry, encompassing nearly all areas of hotel operations: Guest Services, Sales and Marketing, Banquets and Catering, Revenue Management, Accounting, Safety and Security, Capital Planning and Execution, Rooms Management, Training and Human Resources.  These combined career experiences make her uniquely qualified for the role of green hotel consultant, as she understands the challenges that hotels face in relation to implementing sustainable operations.  Having faced these obstacles firsthand, she can provide empathy, support and solutions to hotel managers that are seeking to improve their hotel’s environmental performance. 

A California native, Julie has always held a special place in her heart for the California coast, recognizing its strength and beauty, as well as its vulnerability.  This love of nature combined with her industry expertise has cultivated a desire to help preserve natural habitats that sustain travel and tourism by lessening the environmental impacts of the hotel industry.  Her expertise, and passion, is for the hotel industry, and therefore she has made it her career and personal mission to help hotels do their part to save the world from climate change. 


Julie Baylor Hospitality Consulting

Julie Baylor Hospitality ConsultingJulie Baylor Hospitality Consulting began in response to the needs of previous coworkers and colleagues searching for short-term assistance and support.  Realizing the challenges and time-constraints of day-to-day management, these companies have achieved fast, measurable results through Julie’s focused attention, without losing the productivity of their management staff. 

Julie co-created and spearheaded the “Gateway to a Greener LA” initiative for the Gateway to L.A. business district.  The initiative was the collaborative effort of partners Radisson Los Angeles Airport Hotel, West Los Angeles College, and the Gateway to LA business district, to provide guidance and mentorship to businesses within the district with the goal of achieving measurable green outcomes.  The year-long project resulted in the certification of 5 hotels, or a total of 3,969 guestrooms, representing over 55% of the room inventory within the district.  This is currently the largest concentration of Green Seal certified hotel rooms in the country. 

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